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Chelsea vs Arsenal – Review by Ne Obliviscaris

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard (right) and Arsenal’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan (left) battle for the ball during the Premier League match at Stamford Bridge, London. (Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images)

Ne Obliviscaris

It’s kinda long.
Kay it was a fun game to be honest. Except for the last 15 minutes of the first half like how Sarri himself called it horrible. This is my personal assessment of the team as far today. Starting from the GK,

Kepa– He does his work okay though is short on height. You could say “he could’ve saved the first goal”, yea yeah mate, there’s nothing wrong with that, it was a good shot with monkeys dancing before him. So let’s not give shit to the guy for that price┬átag.

Azpi – As much as I love him, he should be in the CB role than a RB. He’s kinda slow with movements, can’t overrun players easily, doesn’t make good crosses from the wide areas. Zappacosta is a better right back.

Rudiger– This dude is weird. Makes good diagonal balls, gets physical and runs like a maniac but has a weak positioning. Kinda inconsistent I think.

Luiz- Horrible defender. I’m sorry but it’s not working. The quick teams can run past him everytime. Never so sure with Luiz guarding the goalkeeper.

Alonso– I don’t know what to say. Is a horrible defender most of the times because he’s slow as fuck. Can’t pair up with the wingers because he doesn’t like attractive football, but gets the goal and hides it all haha.

Kante – Jorginho – Kovacic
This is the best puzzle in the team. This mid looks sick. Quality players in the mid after such a long time. Tears in my eyes and stuff. Kovacic looks hungry for the ball. Kinda has that RM thing with him too right? haha. Expecting to see more of that. There’s one thing that worries me though. Jorginho is very weak as a holding player. His defensive/physical attributes is weak. He’s not your pacy player either. Can easily be run down. You’d say Kante would protect him, but Kante is the new attacker in the team. He’s gonna get those goals if he works on this finishing. He going forward means Jorginho going vulnerable. Remember the shots Auba, Iwobi, Mkhi missed? There was a huge space ahead of the defenders. Kante sitting deep would be better, but we’d lose Jorginho’s playmaking from the deep. Puzzle.

Hazard – I don’t wanna say much. He’s the best player behind Messi right now.

Morata – Kudos for getting the goal yesterday. Neat work and a good finish by the man. Guess he needed that goal. Hope he stops being a crybaby and starts scoring from now.

Pedro – His tiki-taka football experience will bloom this time. Sarriball is perfect for the guy. Is quick, knows how to make short passes, is a good finisher in the final moment. Makes questionable decisions sometimes, but will be good for us this time. I’m enjoying.

Lastly, I barely am expecting anything right now. I just want this team to take it’s time and play quality football as we are promised. It still makes me smile to think that Chelsea’s going to play attractive football. After series of clueless park the bus “tactics”.
Bonus- A glimpse of the possible future. Barcelona can suckadick.

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