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Newcastle vs Chelsea – Sarri’s press match conference

Credit: Chelsea FC @Twitter

Sarri asked if Hazard will start: “I don’t know. I think Eden is ready for 50, 60 mins, I don’t know for 90 mins. He can start” 

It’s put to Sarri that Hazard seems keen in his mind to play: “Maybe, but I think it’s more important in my mind. It’s the right way to think for him but I have to think of everybody” #cfc

Sarri on Hazard future: “”I am the coach of a very great team, a very great club. Such an important club cannot sell such an important player without the possibility to sign a player of a similar level, so I think Eden stays with us” #cfc

Sarri says he’s spoken to Loftus-Cheek twice this week after he spoke to Chelsea: “Loftus-Cheek will remain with us. We can speak again about his situation, but only in December” #cfc

Sarri on diet/training changes: “For nutrition we have a very important doctor & he knows more about this than me”

Sarri: “For me it’s very important that the players are able to work very well in the training. When the team is trying to improve, to work on mistakes. They are professional, so out of the pitch they are able to eat, to rest in the right way. I don’t want to impose everything”

Sarri says it’s normal for him to have defensive difficulties at new clubs for two to three months. Says he can’t play with five defenders #cfc

Sarri on Cahill: “In this moment, for a defender it’s more difficult to play in my team after only 20 days of training. It’s easier I think for offensive players, but for defensive players it’s more difficult. In this moment he needs to have much more defensive training” #cfc

Sarri on impressions of PL: “In Italy it’s a war before the match but during the match in Serie A after 20 mins 2-0, th ematch is finished. Here it’s a party before the match but a war in the match. I prefer here” #cfc

Sarri on Benitez: “I have to thank Rafa, because I arrived in Naples with the feeling that the squad was almost ready to play my football” #cfc

He asked Sarri if he’s confident he has the defensive players to play his style. He said he’s got “very intelligent players” & thinks they’ll be able to adapt “very well” to the system in one or two months #cfc

Credits:  Liam Twomey

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