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Newcastle vs Chelsea- Review by Ne Obliviscaris

Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Ne Obliviscaris


Especially with 10 f***en players sitting there like a brick wall. Kinda miss Cesc unlocking the defense in the games like these.

Alonso is the biggest fraud ever. Plays like shit but is there everytime we have a chance to score. Huffing and puffing, the lad somehow gets it too. Got the penalty and that OG. He just saved our shit day. I’ll smoke one for him tonight. lol

That football was excruciating to watch, but I’d take that over being clueless in every position. Possession doesn’t matter when you can’t even play a decent final ball in their box. Sarri should get over his honeymoon period and should immediately bin Luiz. Horrible defender. Kovacic doesn’t look sharp as I hoped him to be, but I really think he should be going forward instead of Kante. Kante is horrible when it comes to playing wide with the ball and clutch passing/crossing. Making him play wide against sitting ducks is absolutely useless as seen.

Anyhoo, the more time we spend, the better it gets hopefully. Up the Chels!

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