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Chelsea vs Bournemouth – Review by Pragun

LONDON, ENGLAND – SEPTEMBER 01: Pedro of Chelsea celebrates after scoring his team’s first goal during the Premier League match between Chelsea FC and AFC Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge on September 1, 2018 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC via Getty Images)

With four out of four victory sealed for Sarri’s Chelsea, Sarri-ball looks more promising for now on. Vis-à-vis the game the possesion looked decent on our carriageway, but nevertheless (we can’t rely on it) if we can’t nail it or expedite. Killer instinct is a must and as told by Sarri earlier on our title credentials that Chelsea must improve defensively if they’re going to make a serious challenge.
Here’s my views on individual players.

Kepa : Yet to be tested really, didn’t had so much dolourness. Bournemouth were expected to press but they didn’t really infact. Few at a times I wanted Bournemouth players to shoot just to test him ( irony eh?, move on). But kept a cleansheet. KUDOS

Rating 7/10

Azpilicueta : He had decent game yesterday in terms of attack. Made some succulent crosses in the box plus made very good run, dominated so far at his half. (Few at a times he was beaten by Bournemouth players ). But they really didn’t attack yesterday voraciously , (did they eh?)


Rudiger : Similarly, he was good as well. Rudiger crashed the bar earlier at St James Park earlier on. He tried to emulate in a similar fashion at the bridge yesterday, but was yards off the post. He had few free headers , didn’t really convert tho. (Need to work on clinicality). Defensively quite good yes.

Rating :7.3/10

David Luiz : Oh!, hadn’t been there Kante to recover his sloppy pass yesterday, we might have concided. Defensively needed to improve but he is convincing in long balls and passes(passes really?)

Rating :6.5/10

Alonso : I would like to start from Sarri’s quote Sarri says he thinks Marcos Alonso may be the best attacking left back in Europe. But with some improvements, he says: “He could be the best left back in the world.” COULD BE but needs to improve drastically on defensive side. He had one decisive chance yesterday which couldn’t turn into behoof for us and he had pretty good ground crosses which couldn’t turn into behoof again .Assist to Pedro(the sigh of relief).

Rating: 7.5/10

Jorginho: 383 passes in his name so far . Accuracy ampled. Gave decisive ball to Alonso which later on turned by Pedro for opener. Personally I prefer Kante for defensive job rather than him but , he was recovering ball few at a times. Buono Jorgi.

Rating: 7/10

Kovacic: Sublime! Kovacic fits Sarri’s system honestly. The man looks like ex-HAZARD in his 17 for Chelsea but plays in somewhat good style alike to that. Made good runs and dribbles + tackles as well. He looks decent and sharp. ( ON A PERMANENT TRANSFER AFTER LOAN SPELL?). Let’s skip that part. MOVE ON.


Kante: Kante has been involved into more advanced role this season and this man can do everything and never brag about it ( regarding humbleness). Personally I still prefer him in the defensive role because he was used to it and hadn’t he recovered Luiz’s mistake yesterday it surely was a threat for us. Always been consistent. He had few chance to shoot as well. As being part of attacking side . SHOOT KANTE SHOOT ( EXTRACTED FROM TOM HANK’S RUN FORREST RUN). Since running is accustom for him. 😛


Hazard: 2 ASSISTS 2 GOALS 2 STARTS(ASTONISHING).I love to see Hazard being free ( not trapped as false 9) and roaming around , dribbling in his fashion of way. He had that net shreding goal yesterday but needs to be selfish quite a time. NEEDS TO SHOOT REALLY. He seems to be enjoying under Sarri-ball, which will be unbating throughout the season HOPEFULLY.

Rating:8/10 (MOTM FOR ME)

Willian: Personally I wanted Pedro to start infront of Willian before the match, but happened. Willian needs to be more sharp moreover CONSISTENT to fit his way in Sarri-ball .He actually performs better in International Fixtures as compared to that of club matches ( SO LET’S SEE HOW IT GOES FOR HIM IN THE BREAK ) THAT’S ALL FOR HIM.
Rating: 6.5/10

Morata : Boy! With that one goal in , He gained lil bit of confidence tho but still…. needs to improve really. CARPE DIEM! Take those Headers. Physically still needs to be more strong to overcome PL defenders. It was difficult him to deal with 3 defenders circling him around yesterday. Really!


I named them all the supersubs because they all had the cardinal impact yesterday.

Pedro : Repeating again Personally I wanted Pedro to start infront of Willian before the match, but happened. Pedro was our top scorer earlier on with 2 in his tally and made the 3 yesterday proudly. After he breezed into the pitch. I had a feeling that he would have impact on the game.Gladly did to amputate the frustation of fans without goals. Runs like unicorn. He plays vital one in counter attack , that’s for sure.
Rating: 8/10

Giroud: With morata struggling with three defenders in the box, With Giroud on – the instant ariel threat was encountered by him with that delicious cross from Azpi( probably ). He had impact moreover than Morata had earlier. With 2 strikers left in option he will be vital for us.


Ruben Loftus-Cheek (a.k.a RLC) : Gladly good to see Academy products getting time with the likes of Barkley and DRINKWATER in option at the bench. HE WAS VERY IMPRESSIVE. Always been fan of him. He used to get decent chances at Hiddink’s time and scored a few too. He made good runs, controlled the ball really , has good physicality. I think Sarri can use him as a striker or false one because he has quality to fit in. Hopefully he’ll get more on later fixtures.


So that’s all. AND ONE THING. It’s frustating to see corners wasted at short. We had so many yesterday, It’s frustating that they take short and just revlove around the box. Had it been long then with the likes of Rudiger, Luiz it’ll be more likely , I think.
So an international break in our way. FOR SURE FOR SUREE EHH! WE’VE TO SUFFER AT BIT 😛 to wait for the coming matches. With Sarri-ball in action , Personally I’ve been so desperate for weekend.
Arrivederci” folks.

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