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Chelsea vs Cardiff City – Sarri’s press conference

Sarri: “The best news is Fabregas. He is now very well and training with the team. Now he only has to improve his physical condition. In a few days, he’ll be ready to play. Yesterday there were some problems with fever for Emerson and Zappacosta and a little problem for RLC”

Sarri: “I don’t know today the situation because I have to speak to the doctor. I don’t know if he can play. I think at the moment Fabregas can be available for the bench. But I want to speak to him, because maybe it is better two”

Sarri on John Terry, become a coach:
“The last time I spoke with him he told me he wants to play for another season. I don’t know now the situation, but Chelsea is his home, of course. I am open to the idea. Of course he would be a point of reference for me and everyone here.”

Sarri: “I don’t know (if there is a chance). He told me other things, he told me he wants to play. I have to speak to him.”

Sarri: “Ethan Ampadu playing for Wales. I am very, very happy for him. For me at the moment it is not easy to give space to everyone, I have 28 players. I hope in the future I will be able to give a space to him, Odoi and Loftus. They are very young and the future of the club”

Sarri: “What does he have to do to get in? In this first period for me it was very important not to change the defensive line. I hope in the future to have space for everyone. In the first period it is very difficult to change.”

Sarri on Abraham and Cardiff: “I don’t know what to say. Tammy until two days wanted to stay here. Until the last day there was an offer from Villa and he decided suddenly to go there.”

Sarri on Terry’s attempt to join as a coach: “It is up to him. If he wants to play for another season, it is right he tries to play. If he wants to help us I am really very happy.”

Sarri on International break: “It is very difficult for me. I think that FIFA has to change something for the national teams. With 3 or 5 int’l breaks it is very difficult for us. Maybe the best thing to do is to put the matches in the national teams at the end of the season.

Sarri on who can win the title: “At the moment I can answer City or Liverpool. We need another step I think to reach another level. I think so this season is too soon, I hope now. The gap was 30 points so to cover 30 points is very difficult. I think we need to improve, we can”

Sarri on where Chelsea need to do you need to improve: “No we are not a very solid team in the defensive phase. We can improve and will improve”

Sarri on Cardiff: “I think tomorrow will be a very difficult game. Mentally after the break it is difficult. We play against a very physical team, if we want to gain points we need a very good performance tomorrow. It is very difficult for everyone to play.”

Sarri: “It is very difficult materially, it is important to win every ball, to play and have good positions and distributions.”

Sarri on who will be captain: “I have my idea, I have decided. But I would like to before I tell you to speak to the players, and face to face with the club. At the moment it is Azpilicueta and I will tell you the final one after I spoke to the players and the club.”

Credits: Sarrismo

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