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Liverpool vs Chelsea- Zola’s presser ahead of game

LONDON – JULY 7: Gianfraco Zola talks to the press about his move away from Chelsea during the press conference on July 7, 2003 at Stamford Bridge in Chelsea, London. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Zola: “It is an important game. We are Chelsea and want to try to win all our games and we will take it seriously. It is not the Premier League, but who we are we want to play the games as best we can.”

Zola: “It’s an opportunity to see players that haven’t had many games so far. “

Zola: “Ruben is still recovering, very unlikely. Also Rudiger. Pedro is recovering very well, but it is tough for them to be there. “

Zola: “As Chelsea we are very greedy and will try to win both of them. It will be huge. The type of game it will be a lot. We will try to be competitive. “

Zola on Hazard : “The more that he plays the better he is. I think Eden has done magnificently in the World cup. He is getting better and better but hasn’t reached his full potential. This year we will help him to reach that full potential. “

Zola on Cahill: “Whether he plays tomorrow it won’t affect his future. It is understandable he is upset and we want him to be upset. He is a top professional, he has to be patient and he will have his chances. But then it is down to him. “

Zola on Hazard : “I don’t want to look like we aren’t happy with him, we are very happy. The more experience you have the more better way you use it. It’s a process he can do himself. The way we try to play it will benefit himself. ”  

“We try to play a long time in the opposition half. The more that we can do that the better. It is just a normal process. It’s about giving him the opportunities in the best way, close to the goal. “

Zola on being back at Chelsea: “For me this is a dream of a situation. Everyone knows how much I care about this club. It is a great opportunity, but there is a lot of work to be done. I want to give the best for Maurizio to be successful. His success is my happiness. “

Zola on Hudson-Odoi : “Callum has done extremely well and impressed the most, along with Ethan. They are both in contention for the squad and we will see. We have a lot of players. “

“We didn’t do a big pre-season and these games can be like that. Like for Christensen and Cahill, but Callum and Ethan are the future of this club. Without doubt he can be in the first team in the future. He has a future but he is in a very competitive team.”

Zola :”Maurizio opened a big world in front of me. I thought I knew a lot about football, I was wrong. I enjoy the person and we work well together. I would have enjoyed a lot to play under him.”

” We play the majority of the games in the opposition half, they touch the ball a lot in the last 20 metres.”

Zola :”It is going to be a strong challenge. I think our team is a good team. We have Molinari who is on fire. It will be an amazing competition.”

Zola on Derby v Man Utd: “We are following Frank’s progress in the Championship and we hope that he does well. “

Credits : Chesea(@ouggi)

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