Maurizio Sarri – The underrated managerial genius.

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Bikram Karki

“I want to build a team that can go and play in any stadium of the world without any fear.” – Sarri (July, 2018)

Goes to Anfield against the most in form team in the world. Attacks from the first minute till the last. Plays more passes. Enjoys more possession. AND most significantly wins the game.

I swear this guy will go to the Etihad and take the game to them like we haven’t done in years.

You know, what the most impressive part is. Every football fan thinks they can manage a team. Most of them carry an idea of what needs to be done for their club to win games. But I admit, what Sarri has done – the full 360 turn in the playing style, the complete transformation in the playing culture, IN A MATTER OF WEEKS – This is beyond any normal individual.

It’s kinda easier what Mourinho and Conte do. They believe in immense work ethic as a cohesive unit and the players buy into it. However, I haven’t got a clue what needs to be done to dominate football matches every game with the same set of players who previously couldn’t string a few passes. In simple words, I understand the managerial aspect of football, but I feel no shame in admitting I am clueless on the coaching aspect. This is where Sarri stands out.

Zola: “I thought I knew football. Then I met Maurizio Sarri.”

This coming from a footballing legend. You can obsess over trophies as much as you want, but Sarri is not an ordinary football coach. What he does with inferior players is 10x tougher than parking the bus and playing on the counter. I could do the latter with my school team. I can play the way Mourinho does. I can play the way Conte does. But can I coach my school team to play the way Sarri does? Can any of us? No chance. The man is special.

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