A Story Written in Blue – Anish Chelsea Dahal

Anish Chelsea Dahal

When I was in class 11, I was asked about my favorite football team. With full confidence, I replied “Chelsea Football Club”.

The story begins around 2063/2064 B.S. During those days, Kathmandu usually got taunt by the massive 70/80 hours a week of power cut . Especially, football fans in the major cities of the country were one of those most affected by this crisis. Brother Bhuwan was one of them. His jersey, his muffler, some other stuffs were often quoted with the name “Chelsea”. Luckily, I didn’t experience power cut in my place before shifting to the valley after my high school. So, during weekends, when he hardly got any chance to watch the matches live, I used to update him about the line ups, time, score, etc. At the beginning of this love story, I used to tease him whenever Chelsea lost the match, kept on reminding him of any news related to Chelsea. The story was running at its pace smoothly. When I was in class 11, I was asked about my favorite football team. With full confidence, I replied “Chelsea Football Club”. Soon I realised I had started to develop attachment and emotions for the club.

“Aaja ta hariyo yaar! Kasto tori kheleko hola hamro players le.” I said to him one day after a match. “Hamro”. He didn’t say anything, just replied with a smiling emoji. In a little while after that, he added me to this wonderful family. Though I didn’t post much often in the group, I followed the posts and comments regularly.  Soon after that, 3 more members of our family started watching Chelsea’s game along with us and we enjoy every moment together. Gradually, we transformed into Blue Blooded Family. Therefore, I didn’t even hesitate to add Chelsea in my name.

Like any other supporter, I too have some ups and downs as a Chelsea fan. I have jumped with joy and happiness in every victory and have become sad and heartbroken in underperformed games. But May 19, 2012 was the best day of my life as a fan. That day, I watched the whole session of live match, starting from pre match analysis to post match, opening and closing ceremony and cheered every moment like the blue supporters did in the stadium. The miracle in the 88th minute of the game took the hell out of me. My whole family was sleeping. I was watching the match in the room alone. I broke my outcry as if something wrong happened, but luckily no one woke up. Even to this day, when I go through the highlights of the match, that bullet header from King Drogba gives me goosebumps. The most sad moment as a Chelsea Supporter for me was the exit of Roberto De Matteo after the defeat against Manchester United at home. He gave us our mighty Hazard and the famous Champions League and the happiest May 19th. I was totally heartbroken at his departure.

My all time favorite player is Micheal Ballack and currently I love to watch the dance moves of Eden Hazard. Though my journey as a fan with Chelsea is as short as Manchester City’s history, I like to call myself a die hard Chelsea supporter.
Jay Chelsea
Jay Nepal.

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