A Story Written in Blue – Bijit Ghimire

“ I ain’t immortal and I don’t know if Chelsea Football club is, but my love for the club definitely is.”

Well, it all began in 2008. Every time My father brought Note copies from India, with a cover which mentioned 3 players in the back side : David Beckham, Ronaldinho, and Micheal Ballack. Beckham was good looking, Ronaldinho was full of skills but I don’t know why but I fell in love with Ballack. Later I found he played for this beautiful club Chelsea. I started watching Chelsea play and fell in love with Chelsea as well.

Everyday since then, I wanted to know more about Chelsea and was so obsessed with Chelsea. I still remember walking on the field asking my seniors “Dai malai 30 ota Chelsea ko player ko naam lekhera dinuna”. That very season we reached UCL final for the first time but Lost to Manchester United. I was sad that day but little did I know that we were going to win that league 4 Years later. Time went on and I started loving Chelsea even more.

Somewhere between “ And the chelsea fans cover their eyes in horror” to “Drogbaaaaaaaaa” i grew up. 19.5.2012 , Best day of my life as a Chelsea fan and for most of the blues too. That day was extraordinarily special to every chelsea fans. I still remember screaming “Cech yes, Cech yes” 100 times after he saved that Robben penalty. Can’t get enough of that day. John terry’s backheel goal at 98th minute against Everton to Ivanovic’s last minute goal vs Benfica and Essien’s goal vs Barcelona. These are some of the moments which I will never forget. I was disappointed many times too. Being 10th under Mourinho was my worst season and FA cup loss to arsenal under conte too. And obviously that loss against Barcelona was a “F***ing Disgrace”. But with all these disappointments too, was I demotivated? No. Why? Because we are Chelsea football club and we never give up. We always rise. We always f***ing do.

We signed mourinho again which I have to say was one of my favourite moments as a Chelsea fan because I only heard about his legacy and management and now I could watch him manage chelsea again. I heard people say Mourinho is a tactical masterclass which made it more exciting. Now, to be honest, I don’t care about Jose that way, but I do appreciate him .

Managers changed but chelsea kept on winning. Of all the good seasons and bad seasons 2009/10 has to be my favourite because it was the first season in which chelsea won the title after I started watching and we scored so many goals. We thrashed team 5–0 , 6–0 for fun. We won the double that season and My personal favourite Frank James Lampard scored 22 goals and assisted 16 times which is f***ing unbelievable. With all this being said;  Thank you, to everyone from chelsea football club.

To All the chesea managers, non-playing staffs, all the Chelsea players especially John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, Petr Cech, Ashley Cole who stayed loyal to the club for a long time. Thank you to the current Chelsea players, Sir Eden Hazard and co. And especially thanks to those fans who go watch Chelsea play week in and week out, who cheer their team up so hard. And thank you to the fans all over the world who support their team like crazy, Asian fans who don’t sleep to watch Chelsea play every week. And thank you to Roman Abramovich and to Dennis wise, Zola, Di Matteo, Mark Hughes who based the pillar of our success. And Thank you, to the beautiful Chelsea Nepal family. I am sure I had thought of more words to express my feelings but now they’re gone, I guess Kante intercepted those.

Good luck Chelsea and Sarri. Keep The Blue Flag Flying High.


Here are some of my favourite photos : 

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